AAPIPRC is dedicated to producing knowledge that advances the field of Policy and Asian American and Pacific American Studies in the United States.

As a consortium, we seek to:

    • Respond to the need often expressed by public agencies, institutions, and organizations for high quality, professional, and informed analyses by researchers with expertise and experience on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

    • Conduct research and sponsored projects that draw on the complementary disciplinary and regional expertise of faculty and research staff, to advance and provide opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to conduct research, and to enhance public education and understanding of policy-relevant, Asian and Pacific American focused research.

    • Coordinate, disseminate and promote publications generated by the AAPIPRC’s national network of scholars. Work collaboratively with other stake holders in and outside of academia and in and outside of government and serve as a resourceful voice for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

    • Abide by Human Subjects guidelines and ensure all research is in compliance with respective university regulations and policy.