A commemorative edition on the fifth-year anniversary of CUNY FORUM, Asian American Matters features forty New York and U.S. scholars writers, artists and activists, is the first national anthology to address post 9/11 issues around Asians, Asian Americans, South Asians, and Muslims in relation to Asian American Studies and communities.

Within Asian American Matters, the 50-year history of Asian American Studies as a scholarly and cultural discipline, together with video, open-source, and on-line educational sites, are provided by renowned writers, including Shahidul Alam, Meena Alexander, Tomie Arai, Moustafa Bayoumi, Sylvia Chan-Malik, John J. Chin, Margaret M. Chin, Loan Thi Dao, Mariam Durrani, Raymond Fong, Luis H. Francia, Molly Higgens, Yibing Huang, Tarry Hum, Shirley Hune, Allan Punzalan Isaac, Mary Uyematsu Kao, Peter Nien-chu Kiang, Prema Kurien, Peter Kwong, Son Ca Lam, Vinay Lal, Russell C. Leong, Robert Lee, Zai Liang, Vivian Louie, Erik Love, Joyce Moy, Kevin L. Nadal, Don T. Nakanishi, Phil Tajitsu Nash, Songkhla Nguyen, Glenn Omatsu, Vinit Parmar, Raymond Pun, David K. Song, Samuel Stein, Rajini Srikanth, Eric Tang, Shirley Suet-ling Tang, Antony Wong, Ming Xia, and Judy Yung.

    1. Taking on a Post-9/11 World with Asian American Studies

    2. Fifty Years of Past & Futures (of Asian American Studies)

    3. Writing Across, Against and Beyond Borders

    4. Activism, Art & Media

    5. Community Research and Online Methodologies

    6. Passages: Peter Kwong


"A generation ago, scholars held out for the promise that, in addition to the West and the Pacific, Asian American studies could be anchored in communities that were 'east of California.' Asian American Matters: A New York Anthology delivers on that promise, with a collection of incisive writing by activists and educators that is necessary, timely, and vital."

- Theodore S. Gonzalves, Ph.D.

Curator, Asian Pacific American Histories, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

President, Association for Asian American Studies (2018-2020)

"Situated against a backdrop of increased xenophobia, reinvigorated nativism, rising Islamophobia, and intensified racism in the United States, Asian American Matters potently reminds its readers of the possibilities of coalitional activism and political dissent. Such capacious dynamics, consistently at the forefront of Asian American Matters, evocatively reflect and refract the revolutionary legacies which brought the very notion of “Asian America” into being."

- Cathy Schlund-Vials

Director, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute & Professor of English and Asian/Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut

President, Association for Asian American Studies (2016-2018)

CUNY FORUM, published by the Asian American and Asian Research Institute (AAARI), is the first journal in CUNY's 160+ year history focused on Asian American and Asian issues, edited by veteran editor and award-winning American Book award writer Russell C. Leong, the 2012-2013 CUNY Thomas Tam Visiting Professor at Hunter College. According to Leong, the goal of the FORUM is to bring intellectual and cultural communities together in a new commons that takes readers well beyond typecasting Asian Americans as merely another American "minority brand."

Editorial Board: Meena Alexander (Hunter College/CUNY & CUNY Graduate Center) | Moustafa Bayoumi (Brooklyn College/CUNY) | Luis H. Francia (Hunter College/CUNY & NYU) | Jennifer Hayashida (Hunter College/CUNY) | Evelyn Hu-Dehart (Brown University) | Kenneth Guest (Baruch College/CUNY) | Peter Kiang (UMASS-Boston) | Amitava Kumar (Vassar College) | Kyoo Lee (John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY) | Pyong Gap Min (Queens College/CUNY) | Phil T. Nash (University of Maryland) | Betty Lee Sung (Prof. Emerita, City College of NY/CUNY) | John Kuo Wei Tchen (NYU) | David K. Yoo (UCLA)

Current Publication

Asian American Matters: A New York Anthology

ISBN: 978-0-692-94978-8, 256 pp., illustrated, $25